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I love learning new things. Pandas, Python, all the Ps of Programming. However, my mind does tend to drift off if I don’t relate to the topic at hand in some way. In this article I explain some of the uses of groupby() using a Pokemon dataset in a semi-relatable and (hopefully) enjoyable way.

Before we get started please have the following packages installed: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn. If you don’t have them installed, please do so using pip or conda. If you installed Anaconda you should have these packages pre-installed. …

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Company Press Releases can be an important source of information when making investment decisions. There is a wealth of information online so learning web scraping can be very useful and highly applicable in several fields for research purposes.

In this exercise I will cover the following:

  • Web Scraping with requests and Beautiful Soup
  • Simple Text Analysis with NLTK

For this exercise you will need the following packages: nltk, requests, and bs4(Beautiful Soup). Please install them using pip install [package_name] from terminal(Mac) or Command/Anaconda Prompt(Windows).

For additional reference, links below:

Web Scraping Company Press Release

Requests and Beautiful Soup are the go-to modules…

A short and sweet way anyone can analyze a stock using Pandas

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Please note that this article is meant for beginners before you continue.

In this article I wanted to share a short and sweet way anyone can analyze a stock using Pandas. I hope that this article will be useful to anyone who is starting to learn coding or investing.

Pandas is a really cool library, written in Python, specifically for analysis of time series or financial data. Before we get started writing our first line of code please have the latest version of Python and Jupyter notebook installed on your computer. I highly recommend downloading Anaconda.

With Anaconda you will…

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Former Financial/Business Analyst.

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